How Stem Cell Therapy Helps Those With Torn Neck Muscle Tissues

A severe hit to the neck—such as during a tackle or in a car accident—may put a lot of pressure on the tissues of this area of the body. And when this happens, a person may find themselves suffering from an excessive level of pain. As a result, it may be necessary to get treatment for neck pain with stem cell therapy. Neck Pain Can Be Very Frustrating When tearing muscles or other tissues in the neck during a severe hit, a lot of pain is likely to occur. Read More 

How Tinnitus Treatment Helps Children Sleep Better

Children don't often have many hearing problems but some may develop in some over time. For example, tinnitus – or ringing in the ears – may become a persistent problem for some children. Tinnitus can be quite uncomfortable and hard to tolerate. Thankfully, there are many types of treatments available for tinnitus that can decrease this ringing issue and make sure that children get a good night's sleep. Tinnitus Can Affect Children Read More 

3 Reasons Why Mini Trampoline Workouts Are Awesome

These days, you literally have thousands of workout apps to choose from. You can find yoga apps, step aerobics apps, Pilates apps, and so many other options. One you might initially skip over is the mini trampoline workout apps. It may sound like something your parents would have done in the 1980s, and you probably don't have a mini trampoline. But you know what? You should go buy a mini trampoline and give these workout apps a chance. Read More 

4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Doctor’s Visit

Seeing your doctor on a routine basis is ideal for having the best possible health. Various tests may need to be performed at varying stages of life. If you're not feeling well or have a specific medical issue that needs to be addressed, you'll want to see your physician. However, going to your medical provider may make you anxious. Knowing the best ways to get the most from your appointment is certain to be helpful. Read More 

Roots Not Branches: A New Way To Treat Chronic Illness

Chronic illnesses are afflicting Americans in astounding numbers. In fact, according to one study, half of U.S. adults are afflicted with at least one chronic condition and even more shockingly, 25% of adults in the U.S. have at least two chronic illnesses. Part of the problem is that for years medical practitioners have been treating the symptoms of their patients and not attempting to diagnose the root problem. Just like a good arborist knows that saving a tree may start at the roots, so should your doctor. Read More