Stem Cell Treatment: An Alternative To Knee Surgery

Do you suffer from ongoing knee pain due to an injured ACL, MCL, or meniscus? You may be putting off treatment because you assumed your only option was surgery. In years past, this was true. All of these ligament and connective tissue injuries had to be surgically repaired, which came with more pain and a long recovery process. But here's some good news, there is now an alternative way to treat these knee injuries. Read More 

Enrolling A Loved One In A Memory Care Facility

It is an unfortunate reality that many people will develop fairly severe memory problems during the course of their lives. These problems can have major impacts on their quality of life, and the degenerative damage that occurs may even prove to be fatal. Understanding the care options available for your loved ones with these conditions can be vital if you are to help them with this debilitating problem. Myth: There Is Little Point To Use Memory Care Facilities Read More 

Why Edibles Are a Great Option if You’re Ready to Try Delta-8 THC Products

You might have heard a lot about Delta-8 THC, and you could be interested in giving it a try. However, what you might not be sure of is which method you are going to use when trying it. You can certainly try other methods, such as tinctures or vape juice, but you might want to start with edibles. These are a few reasons why edibles really are a great option for many people who are looking for the best possible method for trying Delta-8 THC products. Read More 

How You Can Maintain Your Hearing Aids In Between Professional Cleanings

Hearing aids aren't cheap, and they are very important in helping you hear what is going on around you. If you aren't able to hear, it can be a danger to you. Your sense of hearing is very important, so if you aren't taking care of your hearing aids, you could still be missing out on a lot. Your hearing aids require maintenance in order for them to last and to work properly. Read More 

4 Infection Control Products That Help Protect You From Zoonotic Diseases

Many infectious diseases like covid-19, influenza, rabies, and ebola begin by jumping from vertebrates to humans. The threat of catching diseases like these is real and ever-present, whether from humans or animals.  Strong standards of cleanliness and sanitation help to prevent the spread of illnesses like those previously mentioned. Protecting yourself also involves educating and equipping yourself with high-quality medical-grade infection control equipment like the following: Masks FDA-approved and labeled medical masks are designed to prevent droplets, sprays, splatter from entering your mouth or nose. Read More