How You Can Maintain Your Hearing Aids In Between Professional Cleanings

Hearing aids aren't cheap, and they are very important in helping you hear what is going on around you. If you aren't able to hear, it can be a danger to you. Your sense of hearing is very important, so if you aren't taking care of your hearing aids, you could still be missing out on a lot. Your hearing aids require maintenance in order for them to last and to work properly. You can take your hearing aids to a maintenance service company to have them maintained for you and to ensure they are being cleaned properly and are in working order. In between these times though, there are things you should know about proper maintenance of your hearing aids. Read below for helpful information.

Clean Them Daily

You should clean your hearing aids daily, just as you would clean your ears daily. Daily debris and wax can build up in your hearing aids and create a problem with hearing, so be sure you wipe down your hearing aids with a damp microfiber cloth to also prevent a buildup of fibers in your hearing aids. Wipe your hearing aids daily before you put them in or after you've taken them out. Be sure they are dry before you put them back into your ears to prevent issues.

Pick Out Wax Carefully

Wax buildup can get into the small holes of your hearing aids, so be sure to pick out the wax carefully using a toothpick or a wax pick made for hearing aids. If you use anything too rough, it can damage your hearing aids. Be careful when you pick out wax so you don't gouge your hearing aids and so they don't hurt your ears when you put them back in.

Take Them Out As Needed

You still have to take out your hearing aids when you shower or swim, as you don't want your hearing aids to get wet or to get shampoo or other soaps on them. Soap-suds can accumulate on your hearing aids and cause a problem with hearing through your hearing aids.

If you have hearing aids, you should take them to a professional hearing aid maintenance service to have them maintained, cleaned, and repaired. In between these times though, you need to be sure you are doing what you are supposed to do to maintain them as well. Your hearing aids are very important, so be sure to take care of them properly.