4 Ways To Make Varicose Veins Less Of A Pain

For many people, varicose veins are purely a cosmetic problem, but in some cases, significant bulging veins can become a medical problem. If you experience pain from your varicose veins there are simple ways you can reduce the impact. Move Around If you have a job requiring long hours of standing or sitting, this can contribute to the development of varicose veins and make them more painful. Ideally, you should take frequent breaks when sitting for long periods just to stretch your legs. Read More 

3 Tips To Achieve Healthy Weight Loss

When you are trying to lose weight, it is a good idea to exercise and eat the right foods to see the results you want. When you begin to see immediate results in your weight loss efforts, it can motivate you and make you feel better to continue toward your weight loss goal. Finding the right balance of exercise and healthy eating is the key to losing weight. Here are three tips to help you achieve weight loss. Read More 

Motor Speech Disorders: A Guide To Apraxia

Speech and language skills are crucial for social interaction, learning, cognitive development and more. Unfortunately, many Americans struggle with various types of speech disorders that impede their ability to communicate effectively. In particular, this article will take a deeper look at apraxia, which is a rare motor speech disorder affecting approximately 200,000 Americans. Motor speech disorders indicate an underlying neurological cause is present, preventing the brain from proper coordinating with body parts responsible for speech. Read More 

4 Things You Need To Know About Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Allergens can cause a wide range of reactions in your body, ranging from a mild case of the sniffles to life-threatening anaphylaxis. When allergens come in contact with your skin, they can cause allergic contact dermatitis, a red, itchy rash. Here's what you need to know about this uncomfortable reaction.  What allergens can cause it? This reaction can be caused by any substance that comes in contact with your skin. Some of the common substances that lead to this reaction are latex gloves, poison ivy and other plants, nickel and other metals, fabrics, hair dyes, soaps, and moisturizers. Read More 

What Should You Know About Purchasing Long Term Care Insurance?

Whether you're helping a parent or other loved one navigate the often-confusing process of obtaining long-term care, or have found yourself in a situation in which you need to finance this care for you or a spouse, you may have many questions. How will you pay for long-term care? Will you go bankrupt if your spouse enters an assisted living facility? When should you purchase long-term care insurance -- and what does this insurance cover? Read More