Dentures Or Implants? Seven Dental Implant Trends That Just Might Sway Your Decision

Ever since dental implants made their debut back in the 1970s, they have enjoyed growing popularity among people who need to replace missing teeth. Originally only offered to edentulous people--those who have lost all their teeth--today you can get an implant if you are only missing a single tooth. In fact, today dental implants hold their own against dentures, the other top choice for false teeth. It is possible that soon dental implants will pull ahead of dentures due to their natural look and ease of care. Read More 

How Can You Foster A Lifelong Love Of The Dentist In Your Child?

Dreading one's upcoming dental appointment has become a frequent punchline for adults -- however, in many cases, the stress or nervousness associated with a dental visit begins in childhood. If your fear of the dentist causes you to not seek treatment or schedule checkups as frequently as you should, you may be looking for ways to gently acclimate your child to regular dental appointments so that he or she can enter adolescence and adulthood with a healthy attitude toward dental treatment. Read More 

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy When You Wear Dentures

While dentures are a great solution for replacing missing teeth and improving your smile, they require daily care so you do not develop oral health problems. Discomfort and pain caused by dentures can hamper your ability to eat and speak properly. You can avoid many common problems associated with dentures by heeding the following tips for taking care of your dental prosthetics. Do Not Wear Dentures for an Extended Period Read More