Which Nausea Treatments Help Control Gastroparesis Symptoms?

If you suffer from gastroparesis, then you might feel nauseous a lot of the time. You might even vomit regularly. This condition delays the way your stomach processes food and moves it into the small intestine. An over-full stomach that is slow to empty can cause these sickness symptoms.

Your doctor can help you control your nausea and vomiting by helping you modify your diet. They can also prescribe medications to help make your symptoms more manageable. How will these medications help?

Nausea Treatments

If you regularly have nausea or periods of vomiting, then your doctor might prescribe antiemetic drugs. These drugs reduce or eliminate feelings of nausea. Once you control this reflex, you should also stop vomiting as regularly.

Antiemetic medications work in various ways. However, they all block parts of your system that trigger a nausea reflex.

For example, some drugs stop you from feeling sick by blocking the part of the brain that contains your vomiting reflex. They prevent your brain from telling you that you feel nauseous.

Other medications target the stomach first rather than the brain. They block the sensors in your gut that would normally send a message to your brain that will make you feel nauseous. If these sensors can't send messages to the brain, then you shouldn't feel like you are going to vomit.

Stomach Muscle Treatments

Your stomach muscles should use strong contractions to break food down and move it into your bowels. However, if you have gastroparesis, then these muscles don't work correctly.

So, your muscle contractions might be weaker than they should be. They might move food through your system too slowly.

In some cases, they are too weak to do this job at all. You might have too much food left in your stomach. This can make you feel like you are going to be sick a lot of the time; in some cases, an over-full stomach that doesn't empty will actually make you vomit.

Your doctor can prescribe medications that restore gastric emptying. For example, these drugs can increase the strength of your stomach contractions to bring them up to more normal levels.

If you can boost the strength of your stomach muscles, then your body can move food out of your stomach at a better rate. You won't be left with that feeling of fullness that often triggers nausea or vomiting.

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