Getting Treatment At A Physical Therapy Clinic Could Help Your Sports Injury Heal Quicker

If you injured yourself playing sports, your doctor may want you to go to a physical therapy clinic for a few weeks to support your healing. If you don't get therapy, you might not heal properly, and that could affect your sports performance and it could even put you at risk of further injuries. Here's why going to a physical therapy clinic can get better results than doing exercises and stretches by yourself at home.

You'll Have Access To Therapeutic Equipment

A physical therapy clinic has the latest in technology to help with healing injuries. You might receive ultrasound treatments to relieve pain, ice compression treatments to help pain and inflammation, hot soaks, ice soaks, and oscillation therapy that decreases inflammation and helps with healing.

You'll Learn The Exact Exercises You Need

When you go to physical therapy, you'll be taught the exercises you need to build muscles and keep your muscles strong while you're being sedentary. You'll do this at first under the supervision of a therapist to make sure your technique is good.

You'll also learn the right stretches to do. The therapist also provides instructions for how often you should do the exercises at home. Exercise and stretching help maintain your flexibility and strength.

You'll Get Help With Equipment

If you need to stay off a foot, you may need crutches or a knee walker. You might need to wear a walking boot, knee brace, or some other aid. A physical therapy clinic may supply you with the equipment you need for healing. The therapist can fit you for the equipment and teach you how to use it at home so you can apply the brace or tape properly to support your injury.

You May Heal Faster With The Help Of A Therapist

When you're being treated by a physical therapist, you have the best chance to heal properly. Proper healing is important if you like to play a lot of sports. Otherwise, you might be left with chronic pain that keeps you from being as active as you want to be.

The therapist can recommend the treatments you need, such as strength training, massage, whirlpool treatments, and treatments with therapeutic equipment so you heal as quickly as possible while healing properly.

You may go to a physical therapy clinic a few times a week for several weeks and then cut down on your visits as your healing is underway. It's also important to follow instructions for self-care at home so you don't fall behind in your progress.