Caring For Your Skin: Why Dermatology Compounding Is Important

As someone who cares about how your skin is taken care of, dermatology compounding should be considered. There are a variety of benefits to take advantage of when utilizing dermatologist compounds including:

Custom Accommodations

One of the best things about utilizing dermatology compounds is that your dermatologist can easily create custom applications for you depending on your specific needs and expectations. Each type of medication you'll be using can be mixed together in dosages that best suits your skin type and corrects any problem areas you're worried about. Using compounding techniques, your dermatologist can create custom treatments such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory aids

  • Acne reducers

  • Infection and fungal relief

  • Chemical peels

Dermatology compounding can also be used to create effective anti-aging treatments that cater to your specific needs as time goes on.

Minimal Side Effects

Another great reason to invest your time and money in dermatologist compounding treatments is that you're less likely to experience side effects than if you were taking pills or injections separately. Your dermatologist is able to mix and match medications depending on how well you react to them in tests, so there won't be any eventual side effects to worry about. And if a side effect does develop, the medication that's responsible for those effects can be eliminated from your compounds and replaced with something that' safer for you.

Ease of Maintenance

Because dermatologist compounding can always be adjusted or changed altogether, ongoing skin care maintenance is easy and convenient. As your skin care needs change, so can your compound medications. For example, you may be fighting oily skin now but in a few years your skin might become dry and require a whole different treatment technique. Or, acne may occur later down the line and a new medication needs to be added to your regimen – this is easy to do when your treatments are being compounded.

Ability to Change Doctors

Dermatology compounding can be done by dedicated facilities who work with most doctors to provide patients with the compounded medications that they need. So, if you feel the need to change dermatologists at some point in the future, you should be able to efficiently have your compounding medication specifics transferred to the new doctor. You won't have to worry about missing a dose, trying to reconfigure your treatment protocol, or spending more than you're used to.

For these reasons and more, it's a good idea to talk to your dermatologist about compounding your skin treatments from here on out.  You can also contact companies like Camelback Compounding Pharmacy.