More Than The Moody Blues? 3 Signs You Need To See A Doctor For Your Depression

No matter who you are, you are bound to have bad days and bouts of the blues when you just feel unhappy. However, depression is far more serious than just the occasional bad mood. The only problem is, many people have no idea how to know when their gloomy outlook is something that is normal and when it is a problem that may need medical attention. If you have been dealing with symptoms of feeling down in the dumps, you may wonder yourself where the line is that should trigger you to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. Take a look at these signs that could mean your moody blues are more serious and could be clinical depression. 

Your depression is leaving you with an ongoing change in your appetite or eating behaviors.

Even though eating and appetite are viewed more as a way of life, these behaviors are actually intertwined with your emotions, especially so for some people. This problem can show up to one extreme or the other–you may find yourself not wanting to eat much at all or constantly reaching for food when normally you wouldn't. If you notice that your feelings of gloominess are also preventing you from following a healthy diet, you may need to see a doctor for advice. 

Your feelings are infringing on your ability to live a normal life. 

You skip the family gatherings because being around everyone makes you feel worse. You are staying home from work more often than usual. You may even be feeling no motivation to get up and do everyday things, like getting dressed or walking the dog. While it is normal to feel this way on occasion, if these scenarios happen a lot, your depression may be serious enough that you do need to see a doctor. Left untreated, depression can ruin relationships and even make it difficult for you to support or take care of your own needs. 

You are far more irritable than you normally would be. 

Depression doesn't always show up as tears and sadness. Sometimes it rears its head as a different emotion entirely, specifically anger or agitation. If you are normally an easygoing person who does not get offended or agitated easily and this starts to be a normal occurrence, it could be because you are dealing with depression. Being in a depressed state for long periods changes your ability to cope and react to normal stresses that would normally not be a bother. 

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