Osteoporosis And Balance Tips To Reduce Falls And Broken Bones

If you have just started to go through menopause, then you should know that osteoporosis should be a major concern of yours. Around 80% of individuals suffering from menopause are women, and 50% of women over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis issues. If you want to prevent breakage problems, then you should seek out care from an age management physician. You also want to do what you can to prevent falls. Keep reading to find out about some good fall prevention tips.

Opt For Progressive Lens Glasses

Vision deteriorates over time, and many individuals over the age of 50 find themselves having to wear either bifocal or trifocal glasses. If you have recently started wearing these types of glasses or if you know that you need to get some soon, then you may find it difficult to keep your footing while looking down. Bifocals and trifocals typically have a distinctive line where the regular lenses meet the bifocals. If you are not used to the transition, then you can step too shallowly as you look down. Also, if the bifocal line meets a step or other obstruction, then you can easily trip and fall.

If falling is a concern, then you can practice looking straight ahead and then down while wearing the glasses. You can also ask your optometrist about switching to progressive lenses. Progressive lenses do not have distinctive lines or lens edges where the different parts of the lens meet. The lens gradually shifts from one lens type to the other instead and this provides much more clear vision. 

Bifocal and trifocal contact lenses are an option as well and provide similar visual acuity as the progressive lens glasses. You also have the option of arranging for a Lasik surgery to repair multifocal vision. You want to speak with an eye doctor about this, but most people can go through Lasik with very few, if any, side effects. 

Complete Some Balance Exercises

Many seriously do not have adequate strength and they often lose their balance. This can cause falls and bone break issues, and a good way to reduce this concern is to complete balance exercises that make it easy for you to keep yourself from falling. Standing on your right foot and gently raising your left leg is one good exercise. Repeat this motion with the other leg and repeat the exercise at least 10 to 15 times during each session. Knee raises and leg raises that force your leg backward are a good choice as well. 

Walking heel to toe, side leg raises, and squats can help too. For more information, visit Radius.