Home Safety Tips For Living With A Person With Dementia

If you are living with a person who has dementia or Alzheimer's disease, then there are many things you can do to make your household safer, including each of these tips:

Tip: Secure the Kitchen Stove

Since a stove that is erroneously turned on or left running can cause a serious house fire, you should secure your kitchen stove with a special circuit breaker or a gas turn-off valve. When you are not cooking, turn off the power or gas to the stove so your housemate with dementia can't accidentally turn it on.

Tip: Place All of Your Household Chemicals in a Locked Cabinet

Household detergents and cleaners can be toxic and sometimes even fatal if someone drinks them. To keep the person in your household with dementia from accidentally drinking a toxic chemical, place all of them in a locked cabinet where they cannot be accessed. 

Tip: Unplug and Put Away All Power Tools and Small Appliances

Since a curious person with Alzheimer's disease may be tempted to turn on power tools or small appliances around your home, they should always be kept unplugged. Additionally, items that can seriously injure them, such as saws, vegetable choppers, and mixers, should be put away in locked cabinets.

Tip: Ensure Your Home's Safety Devices are in Working Order

While it is always vital that your home's safety devices are in working order, it is especially vital when you live with someone who has a memory disorder. For example, you need access to a working phone if you need to call for help. You also need a working fire extinguisher and smoke detectors in the case of an accidental fire.

Tip: Secure All Medications in a Locked Box

Since there is likely to be a lot of different medications in your home, it is vital that you lock them away in a box that your housemate with dementia cannot get into. Even if the medication is sold over the counter or is in child-proof bottles, they still need to be secured. 

Tip: Remove Any Firearms from Your Residence

Finally, if you have any firearms in your home, you must remove them. Just as a young child can be curious about a gun and play with it, so too can someone living with dementia. To keep everyone as safe as possible, simply remove the guns or place them into a gun safe that has a combination lock on it.