3 Reasons People See A Physical Therapist

Getting physical therapy is one of the best ways to increase your range of motion, heal from an injury or surgery, and improve your overall wellness. Many people don't get physical therapy because they don't understand how it can help them. Here are some common reasons that people get physical therapy.

1. Surgery On A Limb or Joint

If you have had surgery or have broken a bone or joint, you should seriously consider getting physical therapy as it heals, and continue it after the bone has healed. For example, a young child who breaks their foot may develop a strange walk as they compensate for the pain. Then even when the foot has healed, they still walk with a strange limp. If you don't correct it early on, it could become a lasting problem, which is why it is best to take the child to the physical therapist even while they are healing and until the injury has healed and they are back to normal.

People who have had joint replacement surgeries need therapy to learn how to move with the new joint and to help them heal faster. If they don't, it could not only inhibit their range of motion, but also delay healing.

2. One Part Of Your Body Is Unable To Move Properly

Say that you have a chronic condition where you can't use one part of your body fully. Perhaps your back has a condition that inhibits your ability to fully bend or move. By trying to keep your back safe, your other muscles could atrophy, meaning they will deteriorate and die. This is why seeing a physical therapist is such a good idea. They can work out the other muscles in a safe way so that the rest of your body will stay healthy, while attending to your chronic problem.

3. You Want To Improve Athletic Performance

Many athletes see physical therapists and for good reasons. Physical therapists can help you to increase your athletic performance. Think of a physical therapist like a personal trainer with more medically centered education and background. They can help you get the results that you want in a way that you know is safe. You can even go to a physical therapist over a personal trainer to build muscle and improve athletic performance. This is what many professional athletes do.

By understanding these things, you can know if seeing a physical therapist is right for you.