How At-Home Healthcare Services Can Be Beneficial After Knee-Replacement Surgery

At home healthcare is a service you can obtain on a short-term or long-term basis, and it is ideal if you are preparing for a knee-replacement surgery. Getting a knee replaced can be a difficult surgery to recover from, and you will need help during your recovery period. This is why you may want to look into hiring an at-home healthcare company to assist you for a while after the surgery.  

The Effects Of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee-replacement surgery is a common procedure, especially for people that are middle aged or older, and it can leave you unable to walk for a period of time. This is because the surgery is used to remove the bad parts of your knee in order to replace them with artificial joints. When the surgery is finished, you will be left with staples in your skin, and you will have limited mobility.  

You will most likely be released from the hospital within three to five days, as long as there are no complications. At this point, you will need to use caution with your leg, and you will have to keep the leg elevated to keep the swelling down. If you live alone, getting around and doing things will be difficult for you, which is why you may want to consider hiring an at-home healthcare company to assist you during this time.

Services At-Home Care Will Provide

The healthcare workers that come to your home will help you in numerous ways, including the following tasks:

  • Eating – They can make meals for you or bring meals to your home.
  • Walking – They will help you get around safely in your home.
  • Bathing – If you need help bathing or with other personal hygiene activities, there will be someone there to help you.
  • Wound care – In addition, the workers will clean your wounds for you and will replace wound dressings as needed.

The main benefit of hiring an at-home healthcare company is it may help you recover faster, and there are many reasons this may be true. For one, you will have people at your home helping you do things, and this may help you avoid injuring yourself from attempting to do things you should not be doing. A second reason is that having someone there to help you may also be a good incentive for you to take this time to rest and recuperate as your wound heals.

A third reason is because you may have a lower risk of developing an infection in your wound. While there is a low chance of an infection forming after knee-replacement surgery, this is still a complication you could experience. To prevent this, you will have to keep your wound clean, and you may be required to take antibiotics.

How Long You Will Need It

According to WebMD, you will probably be able to walk on your own after six weeks; however, you may still need to use a walker or cane. By this time, though, your knee should be healed enough for you to get around and do things yourself once again.

This does not necessarily mean you will need at-home healthcare services for the full six weeks, but you may want to plan for this length of time just to be safe. If you are recovering well and able to do things on your own after a few weeks, you could always stop the services at that point.

To recover smoothly from knee-replacement surgery, you must follow the orders your doctor gives you. By doing this, you will be able to use your knee faster, and this will help you get back to a normal life. To learn more about services like this, contact a company that offers at-home healthcare services today.