Ready For A New Massage Routine? Try One Of These Quirky Massage Treatments

Massages are relaxing and rejuvenating, but when you undergo the same type of massage time and time again, things can get a bit mundane. If you're looking to take your massage to the next level, consider one of these quirky, unique massage treatments. Not only will your body feel great, but your mind will be amused.

Cactus Massage

No, this style of massage does not involve pricking you with cactus needles. Rather, the interior flesh of the cactus is extracted and ground into a paste before being massaged over your skin. Since the cactus pulp is so moist and full of antioxidant nutrients, it will help hydrate and smooth your skin as the massage motion soothes your muscles. Some spas and massage parlors may even blend the cactus flesh with tequila for a more rejuvenating (and nicely scented) experience.

Cactus massages are easiest to find in desert areas where fresh cacti are plentiful. This might be a good massage to try when you're on vacation in a hot climate.

Knife Massage

This is another type of massage that sounds much scarier than it really is. Rather than slicing and dicing your skin, the massage therapist places a towel over the area to be massaged, and then uses a long samurai sword to tap along specific areas of the body. This type of Asian massage is similar to acupressure in that it focuses on improving the flow of energy through meridians, or channels throughout the body.

Knife massage, which originated in China but is now gaining prominence in other parts of the world, is not an overly relaxing type of massage. The repetitive pounding relieves pain and improves blood flow to sore areas, but leaves you feeling awake and enlivened rather than sleepy and relaxed.

Venik Massage

If you are able to find a spa or massage parlor that specializes in Russian techniques, an unusual type of massage to try is the Venik massage. This technique involves striking various areas of the body with a warm bungle of birth or oak twigs. This is said to improve blood circulation to the area, which helps release toxins and speed healing. When the branches are at their hottest, short striking motions will be used. Once they cool down, more rubbing and sweeping motions will be used.

Often, Venik massage is performed as part of the larger routine known as a Russian bath. The other major portion of the routine involves relaxing in a steam room, which can be excellent for promoting overall health and vitality.

Tickling Massage

Have you ever noticed that after someone tickles you, even if just a little, your mood improves? This mood improvement is the basis of tickling massage, which might be the perfect technique to try if your main massage goal is to relieve your stress and feel more relaxed.

Tickling massage is exactly what it sounds like. As you lie comfortably on a massage table, your massage therapist will lightly stroke or "tickle" certain areas of your body. Sometimes, the lighter, tickling touches will be followed up with heavier, deeper massaging touches in order to treat the muscles and alleviate deeper pain. Expect to laugh during a tickle massage -- it's all part of the treatment! Your massage therapist should be able to judge how much tickling is enough to treat you without sending you over the edge and making you uncomfortable.

Keep an eye out for the unusual massages discussed above. You may not be able to find them in your area just yet, but as more customers experience and enjoy them, they are sure to gain prominence.

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