Make Your New Facelift Inconspicuous With These Tips And Tricks

Getting a facelift gives you a younger looking appearance overall, and can boost both your self esteem and your confidence in the process. But if you're like most people who choose to undergo facelift surgery, you probably don't want the whole world to know about it just by looking at you afterward.

A good doctor at a place like My Plastic Surgery Group won't leave any noticeable scars behind to worry about, but the improvements that result from your surgery will certainly be noticeable and can quickly give away your surgery secret. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your facelift inconspicuous to others, so they see your results as natural changes. Here are a few effective options to consider:   

Change Your Hairstyle

One of the easiest ways to take the focus off your facelift is to make a change to your hairstyle. A new hairstyle will highlight your improved facial features without drawing attention to them so you can take advantage of your younger look without giving away your beauty secret. Try one or more of these ideas:

  • Implement highlights.
  • Have your hair permed or straightened.
  • Get layers cut into your locks.
  • Have bangs cut or pin the ones you have back.

Even styling your hair in a new way can make a big difference in your overall look, enhance the facelift work that's been done, yet at the same time help to camouflage any obvious face work that was done.

Spend Time in the Tanning Booth

Spending time in a tanning booth right before and after your facelift surgery will give you a natural glow and can change your overall appearance enough to offset the results of your facelift so it isn't obvious that the procedure was done. A tan tends to make the skin glow, which only enhances the overall results of your facelift. All it takes to for your tan to make an impact is a day or two in a tanning bed both before and after your procedure – too much of a tan can give you the opposite effect than what you're looking for, making your skin look tough and dry.

Wear Intricate Neck and Ear Jewelry

A quick fix to drawing attention away from the fact that you've had a facelift is to wear intricate neck and ear jewelry. If the most change from your facelift can be seen in the eyes, go for something bold around the neck. If the cheeks or jaw line have been most effected, choose something dazzling for the ears. Use these suggestions to create a fresh new look:

  • A large oval necklace.
  • A vintage choker.
  • Colorful pearls.
  • Teardrop earrings.
  • Gold or silver ear bands.

Subtle changes in jewelry color and style simply helps to round out your overall change in looks, making your facelift look more natural.

Choose a New Cosmetic Color Palette

Choosing new color palettes for your bronzer, eye shadow, and lipstick will help to camouflage any minimal scarring that has yet to heal after your facelift. Using new cosmetic colors will also give you a fresh look that complements your facelift results without making the surgery stand out as the focus.

Choose natural color palettes that are just a bit different than what you're already used to wearing so your new look isn't dramatic. Try lighter colors for daytime wear for a natural look, and dramatic colors, like purple and grey, for evening wear to make your improved facial features stand out in dark settings.

These tips and tricks will help you to tweak your style just enough to ensure that people aren't automatically drawn to any facial changes that resulted from your facelift surgery.