Tackling Common Questions Concerning Physical Therapy During Pregnancy

When you hear about physical therapy during pregnancy, the only form of treatment that may come to mind is therapeutic treatment after labor and delivery. While it is true that doctors often recommend physical therapy as part of your post-birth recovery, this professional therapy can also be beneficial while you are still pregnant. If this is news to you, there is no doubt you have several questions concerning obtaining therapy while you are expecting. Here are a few of the most common questions visiting a therapist while you are waiting for your baby to arrive.

Is physical therapy something that would only be used for special circumstances?

Because physical therapy can be such a beneficial treatment, it is not just for women who are in special circumstances--such as those who may be experiencing a lot of lower back pain. Therapy can help you safely prepare for labor and delivery by keeping your body strong and flexible. Regardless of your age or overall medical condition, you could benefit from seeing a physical therapist while you are pregnant.

Wouldn't physical therapy put unnecessary stress on the baby?

When physical therapists use techniques to help a pregnant woman cope with the pains and strains of being pregnant, special care is taken to ensure that the baby is protected and no additional stress is caused to the fetus. Instead of strenuous exercises that may traditionally be used to rebuild muscle and enhance flexibility, you will likely be given low-impact routines that involve passive activity that are effective, but easy to accomplish.

Is it safe to take part in physical therapy in the late stages of pregnancy?

Late stage physical therapy will require a different approach to prevent too much exertion causing you to go into pre-term labor. However, late-stage physical therapy is safe. In most cases, the mom-to-be will obtain physical therapy sessions in a medical facility in the beginning of her pregnancy, but will continue basic exercises at home on her own when she gets further along. The long-term plan of treatment can help your body remain strong and make labor and delivery easier to achieve.

If your doctor has not mentioned physical therapy, Staten Island Physical Therapy PC, like  as part of your pregnancy care plan, it is a good idea to ask if you would be a good candidate. This form of treatment could prove to be beneficial to you and your baby.